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This simple and free final assessment calculator will help you determine what score is needed on the final exam to achieve your desired grade.

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How to use the Final Grade Calculator

  1. Select Your Current Grade

    To get started, select your current class grade. If you select any letter grade, it is automatically converted to a percentage and vice versa. Select Your Current Grade
  2. Select Your Desired Grade

    Next, to calculate how many grades you needed on the final exam to get your desired overall course grade, enter the value of the desired grade in letter or percentage. Select Your Desired Grade
  3. Enter Your Final Exam Weight

    Then enter the percentage weight of your final exam. Be accurate, because this value is one of the most important for calculating final grade. Enter Your Final Exam Weight
  4. See the Result of Your Final Grade Calculation

    After you fill out all the fields, our calculator will immediately show how many grades you need to achieve the desired grade. Now you can download the results as a pdf document or image. See the Result of Your Final Grade Calculation
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Why is it important to calculate Final Grade?

Final Grade CalculatorMany times, when you look up your grades, you don't get a final grade calculated until all of your grades are in. This means that you don't know if you are doing well or need to be doing better sometimes, until it is too late. Not all assignments are weighed the same. Some assignments account for a higher percentage of your overall total, and that can make it really difficult to be able to identify how well you are doing.
Some students need to retain a certain grade point average to keep their scholarships or financial aid. Therefore, you want to make sure that you are able to have an idea of where you stand. You don't want to fall too far behind. You don't want to wait until your final grade is calculated to know whether you will successfully pass a course or not.
It can be very helpful to know what your final grade is throughout the course. That way you can get extra help if you are falling behind. Therefore, a final grade calculator helps to automatically calculate the grade you need on a final exam or term paper to pass the class. You know what you need to shoot for. It helps you to maintain a high level of control over your courses, so you can be successful.