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Need to calculate your Final Exam? Use our simple final exam calculator and save your results in PDF format.

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How to use the Final Exam Calculator

  1. Select Your Current Class Grade

    To start, select your current class grade. If you select any letter grade of assessment, it is automatically converted to a percentage and vice versa. Select Your Current Class Grade
  2. Select Your Desired Class Grade

    Then select your desired class grade (What grade would you like to have at the end of the semester). Select Your Desired Class Grade
  3. Enter Your Final Exam Weight

    In the last field, enter the weight percent of your final exam (Remember that weight cannot exceed 100 percent). Enter Your Final Exam Weight
  4. Calculate Your Final Exam Grade

    After you have completed all the fields, our calculator will immediately show the required number to the desired grade. Now you can download the results as a pdf file or save it in a browser. Calculate Your Final Grade
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Why is it important to calculate Final Exam Grade?

Final Exam CalculatorSo that you know exactly how much work you need to do you can calculate a final exam grade. This is the grade you will need to pass that class at the end of year or semester. By adding all of the class work that is graded towards the final grade, you can then work out what grades you need to achieve by the end of year.
Simply by knowing how hard you need to work to pass a class, you can feel less anxious as you now have an achievable goal to work towards. By adding in all previous work to the final grade calculator, you can determine how much more work you need for each class.
Simply fill in the table for each class with a letter or percentage and the grade calculator will do the work for you.