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Need to calculate your grades for semester? Use our simple Semester Grade calculator and download your results in a pdf file.

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How to use the Semester Grade Calculator

  1. Select Your Current Grade

    To get started, select your current class grade. If you select any letter grade, it is automatically converted to a percentage and vice versa. Select Your Current Grade
  2. Select Your Desired Grade

    Next, to calculate how many grades you needed on the final exam to get your desired overall course grade, enter the value of the desired grade in letter or percentage. Select Your Desired Grade
  3. Enter Your Final Exam Weight

    Then enter the percentage weight of your final exam. Be accurate, because this value is one of the most important for calculating final grade. Enter Your Final Exam Weight
  4. See the Result of Your Final Grade Calculation

    After you fill out all the fields, our calculator will immediately show how many grades you need to achieve the desired grade. Now you can download the results as a pdf document or image. See the Result of Your Final Grade Calculation
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Why is it important to calculate semester grades?

Semester Grade CalculatorCalculating grades can be an important educational tool as you can work out the grade for each class you are taking. With this tool, you will be able to chart your progress throughout the semester and year. All results are saved in an easy to read pdf file that you can compare at various stages throughout the school year. After you fill out the calculator once and saved it, all fields will appear for the next grade calculation.
By using a tool such as the grade calculator you can quickly see what subjects you need to spend more time on. All subjects are important but by using the grade calculator you can see how well you are doing in each class. By identifying any lower grades you can arrange your studying to bring those low grades up while keeping others at a high level.
Calculating grades is easy with the grade calculator tool. Simply fill in the fields and let it convert your letter or percentage to a grade. At a glance see where you need to improve.